PrEP is a new HIV prevention method in which people who do not have HIV take a pill daily to reduce their risk of contracting HIV. As PrEP is a treatment taken before HIV exposure it works by interfering with HIV’s ability to establish itself permanently in the body.

The effectiveness of PrEP has been established by clinical trials conducted in gay men, heterosexual adults and people who inject drugs.  The World Health Organisation now recommend that all gay men and others at risk of HIV should consider taking PrEP.

Along with other prevention methods like condoms, PrEP can offer effective protection against HIV.

Queensland's expanded PrEP trial, QPrEPd, is now open and taking enrolments. This study will provide PrEP for to 2,000 Queenslanders. 

  • For information on how to enrol in Queensland’s QPrEPd study, click on QPrEPd info.
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Clinicians can access information about PrEP from ASHM website