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SCP Foundation is a creative writing wiki centered around documenting descriptions and containment procedures of fictional objects and entities that are considered scientific anomalies and often pose a threat to society or the personnel containing it. Every entity that has its own entry is labeled with a number, with “SCP” as a prefix. Aside from SCP entries, the site contains various stories consisting of either tales of Foundation researchers experimenting or discussing SCP entities, or monologues of senior staff members introducing new employees to the foundation.[11] “SCP” is an abbreviation for the phrase “special containment procedures” and the Foundation’s name, “Secure. Contain. Protect”.[13]

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SCP Entries

Every SCP entry explains in full detail the description and containment procedures of the object it describes. Additionally, many entries have addenda that usually contain experiment logs, incident reports or notices left by the staff assigned to the object.

SCP objects are divided into four classes:[18]

  • Safe – Object is either sufficiently understood, easily contained, or harmless.
  • Euclid – Object requires strict containment, and in some instances can be dangerous if not under constant supervision.
  • Keter – Object is notably difficult to contain, and more often than not is highly dangerous to humanity.
  • Thaumiel – Classified anomalous object that is utilized (or was created) by the Foundation.

The Foundation

While SCP entries are the primary focus of the website, there are many stories on the site which give a backstory to the Foundation, the organization that contains anomalous objects. No official canon of the universe exists, and users are free to propose their own storylines that are backed up with stories. Popular canons include “Unfounded”, “Resurrection” and “lolFoundation”.[14][15][16][17]


The SCP series is rumored to have started in a thread containing information regarding SCP-173 on the /x/ (paranormal) board on the imageboard 4chan in 2007. The SCP Wiki was founded in 2008 on an Editthis Wiki, and numerous similar articles were subsequently added to the database. The site later moved to Wikidot due to content and moderation restrictions. As of August 2013, the database holds around 3000 entries of fictional anomalous objects.

Pride Logo Controversy

On June 3rd, 2018, the official SCP Wiki Tumblr[22] blog published a set of rainbow-colored SCP logos in honor of Pride month (shown below). On June 7th, the @scpwiki[24] Twitter feed posted a tweet claiming to have received “a lot of mentions” from people criticizing the wiki for participating in Pride month, followed by a tweet referring to the SCP’s 4chan origins as “toxic baggage” (shown below).